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TCA Rubber Roundabouts are proven safety treatment for an intersection. TCA Rubber Roundabouts have been in use in Australia for more than 10 years with outstanding success. The specially designed segments are manufactured from recycle rubber and are only a fraction of the cost of conventional methods.

It has never been easier than this; the ability to move and relocate takes the worry out of the design treatment. Installation can occur in less than a day, reducing traffic disruption and traffic management cost substantially. TCA Rubber Roundabouts have been installed Australia wide from town centres to the outback and New Zealand.

The innovative designs allow for easy installation onto any road surface with immediate results. They offer the flexibility to be removed following a trial or for special road events or road maintenance. Any diameter can be customized to suit your needs. 
Inbuilt reflectors and white perimeter, provide a greater reflectivity for safety at night.



​Just 3.0m in diameter, this roundabout is designed for use in smaller existing streets

  • installed in 25 minutes

  • mountable

  • inbuilt reflectors for greater visibility 

Mini Roundabouts
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